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Top 4 Entry-Level Jobs after TV/Radio Broadcasting College

Jun 21, 2017 11:11:54 AM

If you're taking (or considering taking) broadcasting training for TV or radio, you are no doubt thinking ahead to how you'll land that first job after college.

Broadcasting is a competitive field, so getting your foot in the door can be quite challenging. However, if you're willing to work hard—and aren't overly selective about what roles you'll take starting out—there are a number of reliable ways to break into the broadcasting business, and build a successful career.

4 Clinical Procedures You Will Train to Perform as a Medical Office Assistant

May 16, 2017 2:37:11 PM

Medical office assistants (MOAs) are trained to work in a wide variety of health care facilities, including doctor's offices, walk-in clinics, dental offices, hospitals, nursing homes—and with complementary heath care providers, like chiropractors, massage therapists, and acupuncturists.

Working as a Health Care Aide in Winnipeg: Pros, Cons & Job Opportunities

May 10, 2017 9:34:54 AM

When it comes to choosing a profession, it's so important to get a clear picture what life is actually like at work. Every career path comes with its own pros and cons, reward and challenges.

The profession of health care aide is no exception.

5 Ways to Know You'd be Amazing at Sales After Business School

Apr 26, 2017 8:39:48 AM

If you're pursuing a business diploma (or considering it), you're probably thinking ahead to what type of business role you'll strive for after graduation.

Perhaps you dream of starting your own business, managing an office, or specializing in marketing. Or...perhaps you're considering the world of sales.

Sales tends to gets a bad rap. Too often, sales is associated with greed, dishonesty, and cutthroat competition.

But success in sales isn't really about any of these things. In fact, it can be a deeply rewarding, satisfying career path. That is, if you start out with the right "raw material."

Core Skills Taught at Radio/TV Broadcaster Colleges & Typical Career Paths

Apr 16, 2017 4:22:30 PM

A radio/TV broadcasting student at Herzing College Winnipeg in the radio studio

5 Points to Consider When Choosing a Legal Assistant Program

Apr 5, 2017 8:52:08 AM

The job market for legal assistants in Winnipeg is very strong. The latest jobs analysis by Statistics Canada shows steady growth for this occupation in Manitoba, citing large numbers of upcoming retirements and growing demand for legal services as key drivers for the positive outlook.

Becoming a Health Care Aide in Winnipeg: Training, Employment Forecast & Key Skills

Mar 13, 2017 4:33:04 PM

A health care aide student from Herzing College practices patient care procedures

Health care aides deliver compassionate, supportive care to elderly patients and people challenged by physical or cognitive disabilities.

They work in long term care facilities, hospitals, and in the home, helping patients remain as independent and comfortable as possible through  assistance with daily tasks, simple medical procedures, and companionship.

What it's Like to Work as a Medical Lab Assistant: Challenges, Rewards, Career Options

Jan 25, 2017 9:52:51 AM

Are you instinctively drawn to a career that combines science, health care, and the opportunity to work directly with patients as an important member of a medical team? Do you also enjoy highly detailed work that requires organization and accuracy?

Community Support Worker, Afsana Nodrat, Beat Incredible Odds to Earn Her Diploma

Nov 10, 2016 8:35:33 AM

  Afsana Nodrat, Community Support Worker graduate, Herzing College Winnipeg

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