Popular IT Diploma Programs in Montreal: Compare Options

Want to begin a new career in information technology? At Herzing College Montreal, we've helped thousands of students do exactly that.

We offer IT diploma programs in 3 popular areas: programming, networking, and IT support.

So how do they compare? Which program should you choose?

In this post, we provide a snapshot of each of our IT diploma programs, including how long training takes, what skills are taught in class, and what jobs graduates are qualified for.

We also provide Montreal career outlook and salary information for each program, based on data from the Government of Canada Job Bank.

Compare our IT diploma programs and see which career path is right for you.



Computing support is the most basic of Herzing's IT programs. It covers the fundamentals of installing and repairing computer hardware and software.

Students learn how to resolve issues from malfunctioning printers and forgotten passwords to misconfigured software and lost remote network connections.

Graduates are prepared for entry-level roles as helpdesk analysts or technical support specialists. They can find work in corporate IT departments, government organizations, and computer support firms.


Program length: 14 months, 35 hours per week


Skills taught:

  • Installing operating systems, software applications, and peripheral devices
  • Creating utility programs
  • Updating and optimizing hardware and software
  • Managing networks and controlling access
  • Troubleshooting
  • Providing technical support over the phone
  • Communicating effectively
  • Solving problems and managing time


Internship: 7 weeks


Career outlook for user support technicians: Good (3/3 stars) in Montreal and in almost every other region of Quebec (source: Government of Canada Job Bank).

The Job Bank says the pandemic actually boosted demand for user support technicians, with employment growing by more than 50% between March 2019 and October 2020.


Salaries for user support technicians in Montreal: $52,500 (median); $91,700 (top end)


This IT diploma may be right for you if:

☑️ You have good customer service skills (patient, polite, professional)

☑️ You enjoy solving technical problems and helping others

☑️ You can stay calm under pressure

☑️ You want to provide front-line IT support in a broad range of areas, including hardware, software, and networks


Explore the Computing Support Program



This IT diploma program focuses on networking technologies. It provides in-depth training in network administration, security, and optimization.

Students learn how to work with servers, routers, switches, firewalls, and more. By the end of the training, they know how to set up a functioning network, improve its performance, and troubleshoot technical issues.

This program also includes preparation for relevant industry certifications, such as CompTIA A+, Network+, and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

Graduates are qualified for roles as network technicians or junior network administrators. They can find work at many different organizations, including private businesses, healthcare companies, and government agencies.


Program length: 15.5 months, 25 hours a week (can be extended up to 24 months)


Skills taught:

  • Assembling a microcomputer from scratch
  • Installing and troubleshooting operating systems and peripheral devices
  • Installing, configuring, and managing networks
  • Setting up web servers and mail servers
  • Optimizing network performance
  • Managing network security
  • Connecting and configuring switches and routers
  • Managing enterprise-level networks


Internship: 12 weeks


Career outlook for network support technicians: Good demand for this role all over Quebec


Salaries for network support technicians in Montreal: $59,200 (median); $104,900 (top end)


This IT diploma may be right for you if:

☑️ You want to delve deep into networking hardware, software, performance, and security

☑️ Your ultimate goal is to set up, administer, and optimize networks

☑️ You have good customer service skills

☑️ You have good problem-solving skills

☑️ You are willing to keep learning new networking skills as technology evolves


Explore the Networking Systems Technology Program



This program teaches students how to analyze a company's needs and develop custom software solutions.

The focus is on writing and debugging code, updating programs, and training end users.

The training equips students with the skills to develop computer programs, websites, mobile apps, video games, databases, and more.

Graduates are fully qualified for jobs as programmer analysts and software developers. They can work in IT consulting firms, government agencies, software companies, and corporate IT departments.


Program length: 15 months, 25 hours a week (can be extended up to 24 months)


Skills taught:

  • Object-oriented programming using Java
  • Designing databases using SQL Server
  • Web scripting using JavaScript and PHP
  • Developing applications for the .NET framework
  • Creating mobile apps
  • Debugging and updating software programs
  • Deploying and maintaining Windows applications
  • Creating both client-side and server-side web pages


Internship: 14 weeks


Career outlook for computer programmers: Good in Montreal and most other areas of Quebec


Salaries for computer programmers in Montreal: $69,300 (median); $106,700 (top end)


This IT diploma may be right for you if:

☑️ You want to learn a variety of programming languages and techniques.

☑️ You want to play a key role in a company's success

☑️ You want to create something useful in the digital world

☑️ You're more interested in working with code than providing IT technical support.

☑️ You are very detail oriented

☑️ You are a motivated and disciplined student (this is a fast-paced and challenging program)


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