How to Select an Architectural Design Program & What to Expect in Training

Jan 30, 2017 10:59:27 AM

A 3D rendering of a modern home concept

Architectural design programs prepare students to become architectural assistants or drafters. In this role, graduates work under the supervision of a lead architect or engineer, helping to create design concepts—and ensuring they are implemented correctly by builders.

They participate in the design process from start to finish, and after a few years of experience, may consult directly with clients to develop concepts for both interior and exterior spaces.

Students who want to enter the field quickly as draftspersons typically select career college architectural design training, rather than a lengthy Bachelor's program in architecture or interior design.

But what should students look for in a trustworthy architectural design/drafting program at the college level—and what will coursework entail?

What it's Like to Work as a Medical Lab Assistant: Challenges, Rewards, Career Options

Jan 25, 2017 9:52:51 AM

Are you instinctively drawn to a career that combines science, health care, and the opportunity to work directly with patients as an important member of a medical team? Do you also enjoy highly detailed work that requires organization and accuracy?

How to STAND OUT at Your First Job After Business Administration Training

Jan 23, 2017 7:53:00 AM

For a recent college graduate, there are few things more exciting than nailing an interview and being offered a job. 

But making the transition from student to successful professional can be incredibly nerve-wracking.

How do you actually keep that job, and begin moving upward into positions with more responsibility and reward?

Small Claims Cases You Could Handle as a Paralegal in Ontario

Nov 30, 2016 8:45:20 AM
Paralegal students at Herzing College Toronto conduct a mock trial

Paralegals in Ontario are non-lawyer agents who are licensed to provide certain legal services to members of the public. Paralegals can handle quite a broad range of legal matters, making this career path particularly challenging and rewarding.

According to market research conducted by the Canadian government, demand for paralegal services has increased significantly in recent years, driven by good economic growth and constant changes in legislation and related regulations.

Passage au Vert: 7 éléments écologiques pour une formation stimulante en Architecture Durable

Nov 21, 2016 9:24:45 AM


Photo credit: JEREMY LEVINE

Révolue est l’époque où l’amiante et le béton étaient les protagonistes de la construction. Il y a bien longtemps que d’autres matériaux se sont substitués aux éléments polluants à courte vie; l’heure est désormais au respect de l’environnement.

Ce n’est plus un luxe que de porter une attention particulière à l’environnement, il s’agit là d’une attitude qui régit l’éthique d’un nombre croissant de métiers et de vocations.

Dans la sphère de la construction, de nouveaux matériaux ont vu le jour. Plus versatiles, mais surtout plus respectueux de l’environnement, ces matériaux sont en train de propulser le bâtiment dans une toute nouvelle dimension.

3 Child-Calming Strategies Every Early Childhood Educator Should Know

Nov 11, 2016 8:58:10 AM


Photo credit: Matt Molinari

When it comes to early childhood education, nothing is more important than forming meaningful relationships with the youngsters under your care.

Given that a child's first 5-7 years are so crucial for social and intellectual development, it's no surprise that behavior management is a key part of the relationship-building process.

Learning how to observe, understand, and effectively respond to challenging behavior is key to building trust with children.

With trust comes better communication, which in turn helps kids learn and grow. That's why behavior intervention is a key component of early childhood education training.

Community Support Worker, Afsana Nodrat, Beat Incredible Odds to Earn Her Diploma

Nov 10, 2016 8:35:33 AM

  Afsana Nodrat, Community Support Worker graduate, Herzing College Winnipeg

5 idées de portfolio pour valoriser votre formation en design d'intérieur

Nov 9, 2016 9:16:16 AM


« Le style, c’est l’homme !»  Pascal avait bien raison, à tel point que cette idée devrait être la devise de tout professionnel du design d’intérieur. Lorsqu’il est question d’étaler ses aptitudes professionnelles, un designer d’intérieur se doit de faire appel à un atout incontournable : le portfolio!

Career College or University? (+Tips for Making your Decision)

Nov 7, 2016 8:23:36 AM

Business students pose for a photo at Herzing College Ottawa

"For some young adults and mature learners, universities are the ideal option. For others, they can be an expensive waste of time, money and effort."

Wise words from education expert Ken Coates, co-author of the book, "What to Consider When You are Considering University" (Dundurn, 2014).

If you're weighing your options after high school (or want to change careers a bit later in life), a four-year university degree may not be your ideal route to success.

What is Aseptic Technique? A Quick Guide for Pharmacy Assistant Students

Nov 13, 2015 11:50:14 AM

When a fungal meningitis outbreak swept across the United States in 2012, affecting over 800 people, the FDA traced its origin back to a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts.