Herzing College

Celebrating Our Longtime Staff

July 28, 2014

Last week, we recognized staff members who have been a part of the Herzing family for a significant amount of time. Thank you for your dedication to....

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The Basics of Human Resources Management

July 25, 2014
The human resources department handles all issues related to personnel, such as hiring, compensation, performance management, career development,....
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Career Opportunities in Police Foundations

July 16, 2014
In this day and age, safety has become much more of a priority than it used to be. A growing concern with keeping loved ones and valuables safe has....
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Changing Responsibilities as a Medical Office Administrator

July 11, 2014
In this day and age, most job responsibilities are changing in response to forward thinking technology and the quickening pace at which the world....
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Beginning a Career in Industrial Drafting

July 09, 2014
For the last two decades, the  CAD drafter has been a mainstay of the construction industry. Thanks to advances in technology and the overall....
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Understanding the Mass Migration to Online Marketing

July 04, 2014

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re becoming an increasingly technologically centric culture, with more and more social and business interactions moving....

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