New Pharmacy Assistant Program at Herzing Toronto: 10 Quick Facts

There is strong demand for pharmacy assistants in Toronto right now. The latest Government Job Bank report shows we have a labour shortage in this field. There are not enough trained pharmacy assistants to fill available jobs. 

Employment growth is expected to continue for the next several years, making now an excellent time to start your career. 

To help prepare the next generation of pharmacy assistants, Herzing College Toronto has launched a new Pharmacy Assistant diploma program. 

Training is quick, comprehensive, and designed to prepare students for available jobs in retail and hospital pharmacies.

Is this program right for you? These 10 quick facts cover everything you need to know about training, careers, admissions, and how to make your decision.


1. How long is the pharmacy assistant program? 

This is an accelerated Pharmacy Assistant program you can complete in just 10 months. The goal of this training is to get you job-ready fast—without sacrificing any of the skills and knowledge you need to be successful at work. 

The program moves quickly, but so do real pharmacies. This training will fully prepare you for the demands of a busy community or hospital pharmacy. 

“Herzing offers one of the shortest, most comprehensive Pharmacy Assistant programs in Ontario. This is a fast-paced profession where you must think quickly and adapt to change. The program itself is fast-paced, making it an excellent preparation for the real world of work.”   (Robert Orser, Pharmacy Assistant instructor, Herzing College) 


2. What are the admission requirements? 

Admission requirements for the Pharmacy Assistant program are:

☑️ Minimum of a Canadian high school grade 12 or equivalent, or a mature student

☑️ Pass an entrance test administrated by Herzing College

☑️ Complete an admissions interview 


You can complete the entire admissions process in one easy step. Simply book an appointment online or on campus with an Admissions Advisor. 

The Advisor will explain program details, discuss your learning needs and career goals, and provide the entrance test.  

The goal is to confirm this training is right for you, and guide you through the application process. We never push to students to enrol if they're not ready.


3. What skills will you learn in class? 

Herzing Toronto’s Pharmacy Assistant diploma includes all the theory and hands-on training you need to get hired at a retail or hospital pharmacy. 

In this program you will learn: 

☑️ Pharmacy procedures and your role as a pharmacy assistant 

☑️ How to use pharmacy software  

☑️ How pharmacy drugs are classified 

☑️ How to calculate medication dosages 

☑️ How to assist with preparing, packaging, and labeling pharmaceutical products 

☑️ How to compound medications and prepare creams, ointments, powders, and solutions 

☑️ Medical terminology 

☑️ How to maintain prescription records 

☑️ How to manage pharmacy inventory 

☑️ Aseptic techniques 

☑️ Client services 

☑️ Human anatomy and physiology 

☑️ How to deliver excellent customer service 

☑️ Laws and ethics of pharmacy practice 


See a Complete Course List for the Pharmacy Assistant Program


4. Are any certificates included? 

Yes, our Pharmacy Assistant training includes certificates in First Aid and CPR. All of our healthcare programs include these certificates. 


5. Can you get financial aid? 

Yes, Herzing Toronto’s Pharmacy Assistant program is eligible for OSAP. During your Admissions interview, an Advisor will explain which financial aid options you are qualified to receive. 

You may be eligible for additional support, like the Second Career program. Second Career covers up to $28,000 of your education costs. Book an Admissions appointment to learn more. 


6. Is there an internship? 

Yes, Pharmacy Assistant students complete a 4-week internship where they work 25 hours a week at a local pharmacy. Herzing students are closely supervised, to ensure they become familiar with all aspects of the pharmacy. 


7. What are your job options after graduation? 

Successful graduates of Herzing’s Pharmacy Assistant program are qualified to work at: 

☑️ Retail pharmacies 

☑️ Hospitals 

☑️ Long term care facilities 

☑️ Specialized compounding pharmacies 

☑️ Pharmaceutical manufacturers 

Our grads have been hired by several leading companies, including: 

☑️ Shoppers Drug Mart 

☑️ Rexall Pharma Plus 

☑️ Costco Pharmacy 

☑️ Pharmasave 

☑️ Parkway Pharmacy 

☑️ Centric Health Care 


8. Do we offer career support services? 

Yes. Herzing College Toronto has an excellent Career Development Team. We help you create a professional resume, prepare for interviews, and apply to pharmacy assistant jobs. We offer lifetime career assistance to our graduates. 


9. Do you need to pass a certification exam? 

No. Pharmacy assistants in Ontario do not need to get certified to legally work in the field.  

People often confuse pharmacy assistant with pharmacy technician. To become a pharmacy technician, you must graduate from an accredited training program, registered with the Ontario College of Pharmacists, and successfully pass two of their exams. 

All you need to become a Pharmacy Assistant is a diploma from a recognized college. 

Learn more here: Pharmacy Assistant versus Pharmacy Technician: What's the Big Difference?


10. Are you a good fit for the pharmacy assistant program? 

Are you a detail-oriented, responsible person who enjoys helping others? Do you have a natural interest in pharmacology and a desire to work in healthcare? 

Herzing’s Pharmacy Assistant program includes students of all ages, from all backgrounds. Instructor, Robert Orser, says if you’re willing to work hard you can succeed in this training: 

“It's simple. An ideal Pharmacy Assistant student is someone who can adapt to change, has a sense of adventure, a sense of humour, and is willing to learn and work hard. If you have these qualities, you will do well in this program.” 


Here’s how to learn more... 

If you still have questions about Herzing Toronto’s new Pharmacy Assistant program, we recommend speaking with an Admissions Advisor. You can schedule a meeting by phone, online, or in person. We will work around your schedule. 

The Admissions interview is your chance to ask questions, learn more about training and careers, and make sure this program is right for you. It's about gathering information so you can make a smart decision. There is no pressure to enrol.

This covers everything you need to know: What to Expect at Your Herzing College Admissions Interview 

Click below to explore the new Pharmacy Assistant program. You can request information by email, or chat live with an Admissions Advisor right now. We’re here to help! 

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