Do You Need a  Social Media Certification? 4 Questions to Consider

More than ever before, the way brands engage (or don't engage) on social media has direct impacts on their overall digital visibility, customer satisfaction rates, and ability to attract new business online.

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Is Mediation Certification Your Next Career Move? 4 Questions to Ask

People seek out mediation certification with a number of different goals in mind. Some may be business owners or managers seeking more effective negotiation and leadership skills. Others are human resources professionals looking to strengthen their dispute resolution techniques and facilitate more positive working environments. And others may be working toward a career as a professional mediator who specializes in a particular area, such as workplace or contract conflict, family disputes, issues between landlords and tenants, etc.

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Why Graphic Design Certification is a Major Asset for Marketing Professionals

Have you noticed that job descriptions for marketing professionals just keep getting longer and broader? From analytics to coding to content creation to advertising—today's marketers are forced to contort themselves into digital jacks of all trades! And while it's true that some job postings are downright unrealistic, this trend highlights the indisputable truth that for digital marketers, the learning just never stops. This field is evolving so quickly, we must pursue ongoing professional development just to keep ahead of the curve. But, where to begin?

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