Herzing Partners With Bell to Train New Technicians

Bell Technical Solutions (BTS) had a problem: they had far more work than their current staff could handle. But it was tough to find technicians with the right skills to fill open roles.

To address that shortage, they turned to Herzing College.

The result was a customized network cabling program that prepares individuals for employment as field service technicians with BTS. The training takes just six weeks, and BTS even provides tuition subsidies. Trainees who successfully complete the program get hired.

If you’ve ever considered a career in telecommunications, this is a fantastic opportunity.

To learn more about the partnership and what it means to be a Bell Technical Solutions technician, we spoke with Jennifer Steele, senior manager of human resources at BTS.

Q. For those who don’t know, can you give us some background on Bell Technical Solutions? What kind of services do you provide?

Jennifer: We are a subsidiary of Bell Canada. Bell Technical Solutions is the installation and repair side of the business. So when you see the technicians and the Bell trucks going to customer homes to install or repair their internet services, that’s us. We are customer service focused and mostly residential. Our service area includes all of Ontario and Quebec.


Q. Why are telecommunications technicians in such high demand?

Jennifer: We have a lot of new product launches this year. We bought a few small telecom companies, so we’re acquiring some business.

Plus, we’re trying to remove some of the old copper infrastructure and install all the new fibre optic stuff. So we need a lot of technicians to get customers off that old technology onto the new technology.

In two years, we just won’t be servicing the old stuff. So it’s all starting now, which is why we have a big need for people to join the industry. There’s going to be a ton of work.


Q. Can you tell us about the partnership with Herzing? How does it work?

Jennifer: We approached Herzing about developing a training program so we could have a steady flow of new candidates. We have a hard time finding enough technicians. So we are utilizing Herzing as a funnel for candidates who are interested in the field to come to our company.


Q. What specific requirements do candidates have to meet?

Jennifer: They must be eligible to work in Canada and have a clear criminal record. They also have to be available to work days, evenings, weekends, and holidays—and they must be prepared to work in all weather conditions.

The driving can be a bit of a barrier. Just because somebody has a driver’s licence doesn’t mean they’re ready to drive on the highway in a truck with no rear-view mirror. So we will assess their driving skills.


Q. What kinds of jobs will program participants get at BTS? What responsibilities will they have?

Jennifer: Successful graduates will be hired as field service technicians, which involves installing and repairing Bell services.

Usually there’s a lot of troubleshooting. For instance, if they can’t get a signal, they might have to go to the community network box and make sure that it’s bouncing the signal to the house.

They might also be promoting Bell services. So if they notice that a customer has two services, but a bundle of three is cheaper, they might offer the customer different Bell products.

The job involves a lot of communication and talking to customers. You always need to explain what you’re doing. For instance, if you have to drill holes into a customer’s wall, they’re going to want to know why.

The work really varies with what each customer needs.


Q. Would new technicians be doing primarily service calls? Or would they focus on replacing old infrastructure?

Jennifer: They’ll do both. As a new employee, it’s easier to do new installations. Everything usually works great at the beginning! So they will mainly be on that new project. They might be on one job the whole day, because as a new employee it might take them that long if they have to set up five TVs and internet and home phone or whatever it is.

The repair work is always harder because you have to figure out the problem, which can be difficult if you don’t know the job yet.


Q. What qualities does BTS look for in new technicians?

Jennifer: We look for people with good communication and customer service skills, because they are the face of Bell.

Resourcefulness is also key. Technicians usually work alone, and you might not know an aspect of the job. You need to ask yourself: Should I call my manager? How can I troubleshoot? What resources do I have in order to complete the job?


Q. What else should students know about BTS and this particular opportunity?

Jennifer: This is the best way to get into Bell and have a career with Bell. When you’re a technician, you learn the foundation of our work. We do other things like Bell Media and Bell Mobility, but services like TV and internet are our core business.

People love the job because you’re your own boss. You get your schedule for the day and you complete your work. A lot of people like that it’s different issues at different houses every day, so there’s a lot of problem solving and meeting different people.

We have many technicians moving into management roles within a year. We have agreements with all our companies, so they can transfer to different jobs within the Bell umbrella, whether that’s with Bell Canada, The Source, or even Bell MTS in Manitoba.

The career opportunities are endless. A lot of our employees are here for 30-plus years. There’s just so much variety.


Q. What is it about Herzing that makes you confident they’ll produce the kind of grads you want to hire?

Jennifer: Herzing has a good reputation. We’ve worked with them in the past and have developed a good relationship. We trust the quality of their training, so it made sense to approach them about training new technicians for us.



Herzing College offers a six-week network cabling program that is specifically designed to train students for roles as field service technicians with Bell Technical Solutions. BTS provides a tuition subsidy and hires successful grads.

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