8 of the Most In-Demand Business Careers in Canada Right Now

Thinking about taking business management training, but aren't sure exactly what kind of career you'll pursue after college?

Business diplomas cover a lot of ground. Your courses will include accounting training, human resource management, sales and marketing, customer service, payroll, and much more.

Graduates can pursue jobs in any of these areas of business, start up their own venture, or keep on training to pursue a specialization.  Which path should you take?

To help decide, some students look at the current job market, to see which roles in business are growing the fastest—and where the best employment opportunities are.

A job forecast probably won't be the only reason you choose a particular business career (talent and interest should play a part, too), but it's always a good idea to know what skills are most in demand.

To find out, we looked at the Canada job market review Slice.ca publishes every year: The Highest Paying, In-Demand Jobs in Canada for 2018.

And then we crossed-checked their information with a similar list, published by global employment consulting firm, Randstad: The Top 15 Jobs in Canada in 2018.

It turns out quite a few of the top jobs are in business. Here's what we found.


Most In-demand business Career #1:  Sales Representative

Sales is a great place to begin your business career. It's fairly easy to break into an entry-level sales job after college, and if things go well, work your way up to a management position. Sales is all about results—not who has the most education or advanced degrees.

People in this role prove their worth by bringing in new customers and increasing revenue for their employer. And the better you are at it, the more potential you have to increase your own salary. Sales roles often involve some kind of base salary plus commission—so there's a lot of room to boost your earnings over time.

Randstad ranks sales representative as the #2 most in-demand job in all of Canada, second only to construction trades. And sales reps comes in at #1 on the Slice list.

If you're an excellent communicator, self-motivated, and have a natural talent for connecting with people, a career in sales could be your ideal path after business training. This role is all about relationships.

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Most In-demand business Career #2:  Account Manager

Account management is quite similar to sales, and in smaller companies, these roles are often combined. But there are definitely some important differences between these business career paths.

Account managers help to bring in new business (sales), but they're also responsible for keeping existing clients happy. They are the main point of contact between a company and its customers.

They resolve issues and challenges for clients, and recommend new products and services that could be of use. Account managers work hard to understand the unique needs and goals of all the clients they are assigned to oversee.

This is another relationship-driven role that requires excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

Get a complete overview of what account managers do Career Paths After Business College: What is an Account Manager?


Most In-demand business Career #3:  Marketing Coordinator

Marketing coordinator was specially highlighted on Randstad's list of Top Sales and Marketing Jobs in 2018.  This role is all about raising brand awareness for a company, attracting new potential customers, and helping turn them into loyal clients.

Quality business management training will introduce students to marketing principles, the elements of a marketing strategy, product promotion techniques, and managing customer relationships.

This is a good option for students who are creative, interested in digital channels (like social media marketing), have strong analytical skills, and excellent oral and written communication.

Learn more about breaking into this field as a marketing assistant Business Career Options: What's Your Role as a Marketing Assistant


Most In-demand business Career #4:  Administrative Assistants with Accounting Skills

So you're probably not taking business management training to become an office assistant—but this could very well be where you first start out after college.

Working as an administrator will give you an excellent opportunity to see how a company or department runs, build up your office skills, and qualify for a leadership role after gaining some experience.

Both Randstad and Slice highlight administrative assistant as one of the most in-demand business jobs in Canada right now. But this isn't your typical, old-fashioned receptionist role.

Yes, admin staff still do traditional clerical tasks like filing, typing up reports, ordering supplies, and getting coffee—but today's most in-demand administrators possess other key technical skills. If you have accounting and payroll training, you'll be well ahead of the competition.

Accounting is specifically mentioned as a most-wanted administrative skill by employers, along with solid familiarity with popular office software and customer management computer programs. 21st century admin assistants must be tech-savvy.


4 More business Careers that are in demand

There were so many in-demand business careers, we couldn't cover them all in-depth here. Other top contenders listed by Slice and Randstad include:

  • Client services representative
  • Office manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Business Analyst

The great news is that business management students have many paths to choose from when they're just starting out after college. A business diploma will get you through the door, where you'll be fully prepared to hit the ground running, prove your skills, and move up into management positions.

Which path will you choose?


Getting Started With Business Training

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