4 Fast Business Diplomas: Be Ready for Work in 12 Months or Less

What's the number one thing you're looking for in college diploma program? For many students it's efficiency: a quality program that gets you job-ready fast.

The reasons are clear. Most students work while they study, and quite a few have families to look after. The less time you have to juggle all those things, the better.

If you're choosing a college business diploma over a university degree program, it's because you want to train faster, spend less on tuition, and start your career as quickly as possible.

So, what are your training options?

Take a look at 4 excellent alternatives, all designed for busy, career-focused students. These 4 business diplomas can all be completed in 12 months (or less), and prepare you to start work immediately after graduation.


Business Diploma #1: Office Assistant (6 months)

This is definitely one of the fastest business diplomas out there. Office Assistant training prepares students for administrative support roles, including receptionist, office administrator, and executive assistant.

Whether you already have some office experience, or are looking to land your very first admin position, this program will help you compete for top jobs.

In just 6 months, you'll learn today's most-wanted office software, organizational skills, and communication techniques:

  • Microsoft Word (creating, editing, and formatting documents, tables, and charts)
  • Microsoft Excel (spreadsheets, data analysis, and creating reports)
  • Microsoft Access (managing databases, entering and editing data)
  • Written communications for administrative professionals
  • Administrative support services
  • Organizational procedures for typical offices
  • Reception duties
  • Human relations and time management

At Herzing, our Office Assistant program also comes with an internship, so students get work experience before graduation. You can take the diploma on campus or online—whichever is more convenient.

Or, if you'd like to study part-time, you can spread the courses over 11 months, and complete the work online. There are several flexible options available for office assistant students.

The 6-month Office Assistant Diploma is the perfect solution for someone who wants to qualify for better administrative positions in business or government—but lacks the software and strategic skills today's employers are looking for in new hires.

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The latest Government of Canada Job Bank report shows steady demand for office assistants in Winnipeg. There are good opportunities out there, provided you have the right training and skillset.

Click below to learn more about Office Assistant training, courses, admission requirements, and more.

Learn more about Herzing's Office Assistant Diploma


Business Diploma #2: Accounting & Payroll Administrator (10 months)

Looking for a fast route to a job in accounting? You can earn an Accounting and Payroll Diploma in  just 10 months—and go straight into your first position as an accounting technician, bookkeeper, payroll clerk, or accounts payable (AP) Administrator.

Winnipeg has an excellent job market for accounting and payroll professionals. The Job Bank gives "Accounting Technician" 3 stars for demand and growth outlook in Manitoba. This field is expected to maintain stable demand over the next 10 years.

A quality Accounting and Payroll program teaches the exact skills students need to break into their first job, and build successful careers. You'll study:

  • a complete accounting software package (like QuickBooks)
  • the complete payroll process, including how to correctly calculate and prepare employee cheques
  • how to manage the entire accounting cycle
  • preparing financial statements
  • reconciling accounts, managing accounts payable and receivable
  • office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Access)
  • Excel (working with formulas, building spreadsheets, preparing reports)

This training wraps up with a 6-week internship, so you get to apply what you've learned and gain some real-world experience. Study on campus or online—whichever fits better with your schedule.

Are you interested in finance? Good at math and analytical by nature? This could your ideal fast-track business diploma. Click below to learn more about the program.

Learn more about Herzing's Accounting & Payroll Diploma


Business Diploma #3: Business Administration (12 months)

Want to qualify for an office management position? Or possibly run your own business? A diploma in Business Administration is your fastest route to developing a solid skillset in several essential areas:

  • marketing
  • sales
  • accounting
  • client services
  • human resources
  • entrepreneurship

In just 12 months, you'll learn how businesses are organized and run, and develop software and technical skills suited for several different career paths. Become a marketing assistant, account manager, office manager, administrative assistant, sales associate, client services representative, or accounting technician.

This business program lets you move between jobs, try out different roles, and find your perfect fit. It's ideal for someone who wants options after graduation—skills they can use to land jobs in several areas of business (including starting their own venture).

Click below to explore the Business Administration diploma, see courses, and learn more about admissions. This training is also available online, so you can choose the study format that works best for you.

Learn more about Herzing's Business Administration Diploma


Business Diploma #4: Occupational Health & Safety (12 months)

Interested in health and wellness? Looking for a business career that focuses on promoting workplace safety, and protecting the health and wellbeing of employees?

Occupational health and safety is a fast-growing field in Manitoba. The province needs more Health and Safety Officers to inspect workplaces, educate managers on employee safety, and crack down on businesses that aren't following the law.

This is a challenging career where you can make a real difference in people's lives. It's all about ensuring our workplaces are safe, humane environments where everyone can feel comfortable and thrive.

You can get started in this career with an Occupational Health & Safety Diploma. It takes just 12 months to complete, and there's an online version of the program for busy students who can't make it to campus.

The diploma covers everything needed to land your first job, including:

  • understanding common workplace hazards
  • performing workplace health and safety inspections
  • safety codes and standards
  • ergonomics (how to arrange work spaces to avoid injury, repetitive stress)
  • how to promote overall employee wellness
  • dealing with environmental hazards (chemical spills, fires, air quality control)
  • occupational health and safety laws in Canada
  • managing risk, preparing for emergencies
  • workplace violence and harassment prevention
  • how to deliver occupational health and safety training to managers, employees
  • Workers Compensation Board (procedures for submitting a claim and managing a case)

This program leads directly to health and safety jobs with government agencies, insurance companies, healthcare organizations, and a wide range of businesses.

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Check out the link below to explore the program, see courses, and learn more about admissions requirements.

Learn more about Herzing's Occupational Health & Safety Diploma

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